Alternate Uses for Spice Rack

Alternate Uses for Spice Rack
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From artsy expressions of creativity flaunting jewelry or makeup, to glorious planting beds, ornament shelves and printers trays, a run-of-the-mill spice rack can be wonderfully repurposed to a range of handy uses. 

The alternate uses for a spice rack depend on its individual style.

Here we’re give you eight fantastic ways to repurpose an old spice rack, transforming the unwanted into something you’ll wonder how you did without.

Turn It into a Jewelry Holder

Spinning spice racks work wonderfully as jewelry holders, while an upright rack can be near-equally as well but is not as attractive as its rotating counterpart. While this may be subjective, one cannot deny how handy a rotating jewelry holder can be, giving you an attractive and practical way to store your jewelry.

The hanging space which a wall-mounted upright spice rack and a few cup hooks gives makes it easy to hang necklaces and chains without tangling, while also presenting an opportunity for your accessories to be categorized and stored in containers.

Art Supply Storage

Art Supply Storage

A wall-mounted or upright spice rack gives you a great way to store your art supplies for easy access, particularly in a room purposed for creativity, or a children’s space. Just as your spices were typically spread out in a clear-to-read array, so will your colors be clear to the eye and easy to pick from.

You’ll be quite surprised at just how much you can fit into an average spice rack, while the limited space of the rack itself gives you a chance to pick out a range of must-have tools, paints, and other supplies.

Use It as a Flower Basket

One of the most beautiful alternate uses for a spice rack is to use it as a planter/flower basket. Gorgeous arrangements of flowers can be grown or displayed indoors or outside in perhaps a patio area, given nothing other than a spice rack or two and a coat of paint in a fitting color.

If you opt to use it as a planter, be sure to either line or reinforce the base, or plant your plants within containers placed into the spice rack.

Repurposed as Book Shelves

While a repurposed spice rack may not give the same volume of space as a conventional book shelf, it does however supply an attractive way to display books such as magazines. Simple spice racks work best placed at varying intervals, giving you a convenient place to give access to a range of reading material.

This is perfect for a lounge, foyer, and even the bathroom. Depending on the individual style of the spice rack, certain sizes of books will of course work better than others.

Desk Organizer

One of the best ways to reuse a spice rack effectively is by using it to help organize your desk. Spice racks work wonderfully as compact hubs to store stationery and, as beforementioned, art supplies. With just one or two spice racks repurposed you will soon find yourself with far more counterspace at your desk. Even spinning spice racks come in handy as desk organizers, holding a range of containers filled with your admin essentials.

Desk Organizer

Try Moving Your Spice Rack to the Bathroom

Give an old spice rack a coat of paint and move it to your bathroom to reward yourself with a compact space to organize your shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and other bathroom essentials. Not only does this give you easy-access to everything in one place but given a slight bit of modification and you have a towel rack or toilet roll holder which works just as well.

Give Yourself Extra Kitchen Storage

Another great use for old spice racks is to mount them in the kitchen to take advantage of the compact space. Organization is key to a well-kept kitchen and everyone can always do with some extra storage. No matter the style of your spice rack it can easily be used as a holder for all sorts of things other than spices.

Nail Art Collection

Keep every gloss, polish, glue and brush in one place using a nicely painted spice rack. The low-cost minimalistic rack giving just one row of space works best for nail art accessories, although a conventional tiered spice rack can also be repurposed. No matter what selection of items you need to keep tidy and together, a spice rack supplies convenient, good-looking storage at near to no cost.

Need to Organize Small Things? Try a Spice Rack

Whenever the need arises to arrange small items for easy access, take advantage of the attractive option which an old spice rack poses. Repurposed, a spice rack can hardly be recognized from its original function whilst being ingenious to the observer when it is.

There are simply so many styles available to choose from that wall-hung organization will forever be transformed once you try out the many alternate uses for a spice rack.

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