GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set Review

GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set Review
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GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Glamorous animal prints
  • Durable and equipped with good zippers
  • High quality materials

What We Don't Like

  • The design may be too girly for guys

The average packing cube boasts close to the same capacity as the average suitcase yet features a compact size and the ability to compress. GoGanize is one of the many brands to dip its toe into the packing cube pond and it has done so with remarkable success. The GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set has put a smile on the face of more than one traveler, but is it right for your next trip?

GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set Review

Compression Packing Cubes for Travel - 3 Piece Travel Set and Travel Organizer

The GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set is affordable and should serve as the perfect introduction for the packing cube novice. It is available in two separate color patterns and boasts a variety of features, which we’ll discuss in just a little bit. But first, who has the most to gain from this packing cube set?

Who is this product for?

If you are a casual traveler and don’t vacation more than once or twice a year, there is no sense in dropping close to $30 on a comprehensive set of packing cubes. While many packing cube sets feature four, five, or even six cases, this offering from GoGanize includes just three, which makes it ideal for infrequent travelers planning a brief trip away.

Selling for around $20, the GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set should be high on your list if you are hoping to save on packing cubes, thus giving yourself extra spending money when you reach your destination. Because it is available in both a Zebra and Leopard color scheme, the GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set is often purchased by parents searching for luggage that will appeal to their young children.

What’s included?

The GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set is pretty self-explanatory and those who purchase it will receive exactly what is suggested by its name. In this collection, you will find three of GoGanize’s acclaimed packing cubes, two of which are sized large, while the remaining case is sized medium. All three cubes will comfortably fit inside the average suitcase.

Overview of features

Despite selling for less than many other packing cube collections, the GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set boasts three feature-rich cases. Note that each case included in the GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set is composed of heavy-duty fabric, which can be expanded and compressed as necessary.

The mesh screen with which each case comes fitted makes it possible to view its contents while making sure they do not overheat. While two of the included packing cubes are sized large and one is sized medium, all three feature a depth of four inches, which is why many travelers choose GoGanize ahead of trips that require them to pack thick coats, gloves, and similar articles of clothing.


If you have never used packing cubes before, you may be a little intimidated by the prospect of using them when packing for your next trip. Packing cubes are intended to make packing easier, but we understand how the packing cube novice could be confused by them. Never fear! In the tutorial below, you will be shown how to use the packing cubes included in the GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set to make the most out of your suitcase’s space.


The GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set is a great starter collection of travel cubes and we often recommend it to casual travelers. For more experienced travelers, however, this set is far from ideal. If you are a veteran of the road and a frequent flyer searching for your first collection of packing cubes, we suggest avoiding this offering from GoGanize and going with something a little more comprehensive, something like the Shacke Pak 5 Set.

With its innovative Pak series, Shacke has risen to become one of the most popular manufacturers of packing cubes in the game and its Pak 5 Set is one of the brand’s most popular offerings. Purchase the Shacke Pak 5 Set and you will receive five packing cubes, four medium, one small, and all resistant to water and tearing. Unlike many of the packing cubes offered by rival brands, the Shacke Pak features a double-stitched X design, which makes for a reinforced lid and, therefore, better protected contents.


The GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set may not be the greatest option for the grizzled explorer planning their next expedition to some remote part of the world, but it is virtually ideal for the common holidaymaker. If you are planning a short trip away with your partner or children, the GoGanize 3 Piece Travel Set offers everything you need to simplify the packing process and could conceivably be used to store the belongings of everybody in your party in a single suitcase, thereby saving you money on luggage and leaving you with more to spend on dinners, drinks, and souvenirs abroad.

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