mDesign Spice Rack Tray Review

mDesign Spice Rack Tray Review
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mDesign Spice Rack Tray: QUICK OVERVIEW

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What We Like

  • Durable construction
  • Slanted tiers
  • Usable in multiple locations

What We Don't Like

  • Comes apart when extending
  • Higher price than most

Experimenting with different cuisines in your kitchen involves more than having a variety of exotic ingredients. Spices often make the difference between an amateur-tasting dish and an authentic one. That being said, it’s not always easy to keep all your spices on hand and organized.

Whether your goal is to start cooking faster or to show off your appreciation for different cultures and countries, it’s never a bad idea to get a spice organizer.

These usually come in various shapes and sizes. This article will focus on a very efficient slanted tray design that lets you make the most out of your organizational skills and eye for detail.

mDesign Spice Rack Tray Review

mDesign Adjustable, Expandable Plastic Spice Rack, Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Cabinet Drawers - 3 Slanted Tiers for Garlic, Salt, Pepper Spice Jars, Seasonings, Vitamins, Supplements - Clear

mDesign markets a variety of interesting household organizational pieces. This particular spice rack tray has an interesting slanted design. It measures 8” x 16.5” x 1.5” and it is expandable to almost doubling in width.

Who is this product for?

There are plenty of people that benefit from using a spice organizer, so let’s see if you’re among them. This model might just suit your kitchen if you don’t have a lot of room for wall storage or shelf storage.

It might also be a must-have if you have very diverse cooking practices. If you’re not the average salt and pepper home cook, then you’ll definitely want a special place for all your spices.

If your kitchen is poorly lit, the angled design of this spice rack tray will allow you to read the labels easier.

What’s included?

The mDesign spice rack tray has three slanted shelves. It doesn’t require any real assembly as there are only two pieces that you need to put together. There are no other tools, adhesives, or small hazardous pieces to worry about.

Overview of features

The versatility of the mDesign spice rack tray is what makes most customers choose it over others. The fact that it can be hidden in a drawer may be important to some. Others like the sturdy plastic design as it can also be a standalone kitchen piece that sits in plain view.

Having three layers makes it easier for you to locate the spices you’re looking for. That is of course if you organize your layers by categories. The angled design also gives you a better point of view when reading labels.

Another advantage of the mDesign tray is the fact that you can clean it with ease. Let’s face it, spills happen. And unlike foam products or wire racks, this full-bottom rack design promotes cleanliness.

The non-compartmentalized design also makes things easier. You can easily grab any bottle you want without having to maneuver around wires, remove straps, or ruin the entire arrangement because you moved just one item.

There is also one minor drawback. If you do place the tray inside a drawer you might have some difficulties fitting your spices. If you don’t manage to get a tight fit, the bottles will eventually bang together when you open or close your drawer.

How to get the most out of it

Not only is this mDesign tray useful in the kitchen but you may also find uses for it in other rooms in your house. Take your bathroom for example. The tray can totally hold your nail polish bottles, lipsticks, lotions, pill boxes, bath salts, and other toiletries.

You shouldn’t be limited by where to put the tray. It doesn’t have to be hidden away in a kitchen or cupboard drawer. It will sit just as well on the kitchen counter if you have the room to spare.


Perhaps you want something that looks a bit more stylish and doesn’t make any noise when you’re operating the drawers. If that’s the case, maybe a foam spice organizer will be more appealing to you. It doesn’t require adhesive, screws, or any kind of installation.

You should check out YouCopia’s Spice Liner if you want a perfect fit for your drawer. This organizer comes as a 6-pack of foam liners that are easy to cut and adjust to your specifications. The material is also non-slip so there will be no noise.

On the other hand, if you do spill something, well, foam is not as easy to clean as plastic. Then again, who’s to say you should only get one spice organizer, right?


The slanted mDesign Spice Rack Tray may not be the most sophisticated or stylish spice organizer, but it has the ability to fit any kitchen. The fact that you can expand it to double its size comes in handy if you stockpile spices.

As far as value for the money, there’s no question that you get more than what you pay for. The mDesign Spice Rack Tray gives you a great angle of sight, an easy-to-clean design, and plenty of storage space.

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