Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack Review

Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack Review
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Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Very sturdy construction
  • Easy to mount and hardware included
  • Stylish chrome finish

What We Don't Like

  • Too heavy for weak cabinet door hinges
  • Baskets are very wide

Is your kitchen cupboard so overflowing with spices that you can’t open it without half a dozen jars falling out? If so, perhaps you should purchase a spice rack. There are countless spice racks on the market right now, each with its own unique set of pros and cons, but today we’re going to be devoting our attention to the 3-Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack from Organize It All.

Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack Review

Organize It All 1812W Spice Rack Chrome

Organize It All is one of the top manufacturers of kitchen accessories in the United States and the expertise which has gotten the brand to that point is certainly present in its 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack. We know it may be a little difficult to get excited about a spice rack, but the vast majority of people who have purchased this particular model have reported nothing but good things. But is right it for you and your kitchen?

Who is this product for?

It is important to remember that Organize It All primarily targets hobbyist chefs. For that reason, we advise against purchasing the brand’s 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack for use in a busy professional kitchen. However, it could certainly be safely installed in a canteen or kitchenette.

The Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack is most useful in home cooking, as its capacity is more suited to the arsenal of a hobbyist than a professional. Furthermore, its low price – it usually goes for in or around $15 – makes it a wise choice for those who don’t have a company credit card to stock their kitchen.

What’s included?

Largely as a consequence of its low price, the Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack doesn’t come with a whole lot of additional accessories. In fact, it doesn’t come with any. Purchase this spice rack and you will receive only the spice rack itself.

Overview of features

We understand that the complete lack of accessories included with the Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack may turn some people off the product, but before you turn away it is important to note that the spice rack itself is actually pretty impressive.

Among the surprisingly copious features of this spice rack, you will find a fine chrome finish, which is unlikely to wear and virtually guarantees the rack will blend with the other appliances and accessories in your kitchen, regardless of whether you have a modern layout or something more traditional.

Meanwhile, steel-wire construction prevents the rack from being damaged by knocks, drops, and steam. As you likely guessed from its name, the Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack features three levels, each with an open design for easy access to your spices.


Believe it or not, organizing a spice rack is not simply a matter of randomly placing each spice on the shelf. If you want to prepare your meals quickly and efficiently, you should seek to organize your spices in an order that lends itself to that goal. In the video below, you will be shown a number of ways to stock your spice rack, each one offering its own selection of perks. Watch the video to its conclusion and decide which of the various outlined methods seems most convenient to you.


The Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack offers close to everything a hobbyist chef could want in a spice rack, but there are still some who would benefit from choosing another brand. If you are among them, we suggest you consider the DecoBros 18-Bottle Spice Rack. The DecoBros 18-Bottle Spice Rack leans its spices on their side rather than standing them up, but that is far from the only difference between it and its Organize It All counterpart.

Purchase this spice rack and you will receive 18 bottles in which to store your spices, along with labels to help you keep track of what spice goes into which jar. For the additional accessories of the DecoBros 18-Bottle Spice Rack you will have to pay close to $25, which is $10 more than the Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack generally goes for.


The Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack may be lacking in certain accessories that would make it undeniably useful to home cooking enthusiasts across the board. But these shortcomings are minor and the spice rack remains a popular choice among hobbyists in spite of them. Its chrome finish blends with its steel-wire construction for a body that is both visually pleasing and resilient.

Meanwhile, its three open shelves allow all spices to be accessed quickly, which is incalculably valuable given how important timing is in cooking. If you are trying to keep expenses to a minimum or just favor simplicity, you’ll very much enjoy the Organize It All 3-Tier Mounted Spice Rack.

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