Simple Houseware Desktop Document Tray Organizer Review

Simple Houseware Desktop Document Tray Organizer Review
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Simple Houseware Desktop Document Tray Organizer: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Angled trays
  • Solid construction
  • Bottom tray for additional storage

What We Don't Like

  • No option to label trays
  • Not wall mountable

Organizing stationery can be agonizing at times. Most flat shelves don’t have adequate accessibility. There’s also something to be said about the lack of stability in the usual mesh organizers.

If you’re looking for something that addresses all of these issues, you’re in luck. Our solution for your problems is a vertical-angled organizer with multiple trays and a durable metal framework.

This article will highlight the pros and cons of the Simple Houseware Desktop Document Tray Organizer. This can be a real space saver that can help you maximize your efficiency at home or at the workplace.

Simple Houseware Desktop Document Tray Organizer Review

SimpleHouseware 6 Trays Desktop Document Letter Tray Organizer, Black

This simple document tray organizer maximizes vertical storage space for most of your paper needs. It is 15.5” high and has a surface footprint of 13” x 9”. It will fit most corporate offices as well as home offices. It has a good mix of durability and style which is hard to come by with your typical mesh desktop organizers.

Who is this product for?

The slanted desktop document tray organizer is a good fit for almost any desk at home or at work. It has plenty of vertical storage room and lets you file documents under categories. It might not be for you if you like to label your shelves or trays, as there’s no such provision.

But if you often have large and heavy folders, this just might be for you, given its sturdy design and durable materials. You might also enjoy it if you’re not a fan of traditional mesh organizers with faded coloring and asymmetric designs.

With a bit of ingenuity, this desktop organizer can also be mounted on a wall. If you want to have placement options, Simple Houseware has got you covered.

What’s included?

  • 5 tilted trays
  • One flat tray
  • Assembly instructional diagram
  • Overview of features

    Not all mesh desktop organizers are durable or balanced enough. That’s mostly because they’re usually designed to hold lots of different office supplies on multiple levels. This Simple Houseware desktop document tray organizer addresses that issue by using a single bottom shelf for your heavy items and five trays for your documents and paper supplies.

    The slanted design makes it easy for you to file or remove folders. It also lets you read the labels from a better angle. This comes in particularly handy in very bright offices or if your desk is near a window.

    Due to the symmetric and simple design, you can also mount this mesh organizer on the wall. However, you will need your own tools and screws to make that happen. The package only contains what you need for putting this tray organizer together to sit on a desktop.

    The black metal finish gives this rather simple document tray organizer a professional look. It may not be the best fit for legal-size folders but it won’t look too shabby in a law office or any workplace.

    How to use

    Although it serves the dual purpose of storing documents and desk supplies, this Simple Houseware organizer caters mostly to the former. It can however be used as a desktop organizer as well as a wall-mounted piece if you have the tools to do it yourself.

    The standard assembly process takes under two minutes once you unbox everything. You won’t need any tools other than your hands and you also get a detailed diagram that shows you which tray goes where. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

    Keep in mind though that the top shelves won’t hold large stacks of documents.


    If you need something to help you organize more than just your typical folders and documents, you might want something a bit different. If you use many desk supplies and mailing supplies on a daily basis, then the Greenco GRC2548 Desk Organizer Caddy may be better suited for your needs.

    This organizer is equally sturdy and has the same smooth black finish. It comes with six compartments designed to store anything from pencils, notepads, staplers, and calculators through to legal-size folders. It’s also scratch resistant so it will hold up better in a busy workplace environment.

    This might also interest you if you want a desk organizer with a smaller footprint. The GRC2548 is only 5.5” x 8.75” x 5” (LWH).


    The Simple Houseware document tray organizer is stylish enough for most offices. Its metal framework gives it plenty of stability as a desktop piece, although you can stabilize it even better if you mount it on a wall.

    The front-loading trays fit A4 papers, folders, notebooks, and most stationery. The slanted design gives you better access than a standard flat tray. The bottom tray is flat and can be used to store other desk supplies that you may need close by.

    All of this and the quick assembly process give this Simple Houseware mesh organizer good value for the money.

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