Stack-On SHB-16 Review

Stack-On SHB-16 Review
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Review of: Stack-On SHB-16

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What We Like

  • Optimal size
  • Reinforced design
  • Internal plastic tool tray

What We Don't Like

  • The finish isn’t powder coated
  • The handle might be uncomfortable

It seems that every day some new miracle tool is introduced, promising to ease the workload of the tradesperson. But as the tools themselves constantly change, the method of storing them remains pretty much the same.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you must have a quality toolbox in which you can place your tools when not using them. For the latter, there are a variety of heavy-duty, high-capacity toolboxes to choose from, many of which cost upwards of $50. For the former, there is the Stack-On SHB-16.

Stack-On SHB-16 Review

Stack-On SHB-16 16-Inch Multi-Purpose Steel Tool Box, Black

The Stack-On SHB-16 is a high-quality toolbox with a low price tag and so, unsurprisingly, has become a favorite of woodworking novices and DIYers the world over. It boasts a surprising number of features and its 16-inch length gives it the size to hold a large selection of tools (perhaps even the entire arsenal of a newcomer to the craft). In the eyes of many, the SHB-16 further cements Stack-On as an industry leader, but will you share that view?

Who is this product for?

Because of its low price, we generally recommend the Stack-On SHB-16 to hobbyist woodworkers who don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on tools and accessories. Its 16-inch width and 7-inch depth furthers this toolbox’s usefulness in an amateur setting as it gives it the capacity to conceivably hold the entire tool collection of a hobbyist.

While professionals should avoid purchasing the Stack-On SHB-16 as their primary toolbox, there is something to be said for relying on it as a secondary method of tool storage. If your tool chest is overflowing and you’re not prepared to spend upwards of $50 on a toolbox intended solely for professionals, the SHB-16 will likely give you everything you need to safely store your less essential tools until you are ready to transfer them to something more permanent.

What’s included?

When you purchase the SHB-16, you will receive an additional steel tray which fits comfortably inside the toolbox and does not inhibit its ability to close when not in use. Many woodworkers and metalworkers who have purchased the Stack-On SHB-16 prefer to load the steel tray with their most commonly used tools and remove it from the toolbox ahead of a long job so as to eradicate the need for going back to the toolbox every time a new tool is needed.

Overview of features

Upon first glance, the Stack-On SHB-16 doesn’t look particularly impressive. But despite its simple appearance, it boasts an array of features which any hobbyist can appreciate. For example, Stack-On used a rugged all-steel end cap construction in the manufacturing of the SHB-16, which gives it heightened durability and the ability to absorb shock from knocks and drops.

Meanwhile, nickel-plated steel draw bolts allow the case to carry weights which far exceed its own while a full-length piano hinge allows it to be opened and closed with ease. The Stack-On SHB-16 is resistant to rusting and chemicals, although it is important to note that it is not able to withstand heavy rainfall without its contents becoming wet.


For a novice woodworker or metalworker, organizing a toolbox can be a bit of a head scratcher. If you are new to the hobby and are unsure how you can organize a toolbox in such a way that all of its space is utilized and all of your tools are protected, we suggest watching the following tutorial.


The Stack-On SHB-16 is a basic toolbox, which some people find appealing and some people do not. If you fall into the latter camp, we suggest you take your business to Stanley. The well-known and acclaimed brand offers the 94-248, which is a 65-piece tool set intended for homeowners and DIY hobbyists.

Purchase the Stanley 94-248 and you will receive a sturdy toolbox complete with, among other things, a pair of long-nose pliers, a torpedo level, and a 13-ounce branded Stanley hammer. This toolbox is particularly useful for novices who are struggling to build their army of tools one by one. It will set you back about double the price of the Stack-On SHB-16, meaning it comes in at less than $50.


Rarely exceeding or even reaching $20 in price, the Stack-On SHB-16 is a great choice if you are a DIY novice uncertain if the hobby is for you. It proves a similarly effective purchase for the professional whose primary toolbox is overflowing and so is in need of a second box in which they can store their excess tools.

The all-steel construction of the SHB-16 ensures its contents are protected against collisions and drops while its sophisticated locking system makes it a wise addition to the garage of a new parent who is concerned about tiny hands accessing their tools.

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