Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest Review

Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest Review
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Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Large pull-out wide steel handle
  • Portable, deep tote tray
  • Heavy-duty wheels

What We Don't Like

  • Higher priced
  • Lack of additional accessories

Generally speaking, woodworking novices and DIYers have no need for anything larger than a traditional toolbox when it comes to storing their tools. For a professional, however, bigger is most definitely better. That’s where Stanley comes in. The brand has long been a favorite of both hobbyists and professionals alike and those from the latter category will certainly appreciate its 50-Gallon Mobile Chest. Read on to find out why.

Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest Review

Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest

A giant in its industry, Stanley has manufactured toolboxes and chests for total novices, grizzled carpentry veterans, and everybody in between. The Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest is one of the brand’s most popular creations and, with its rarely rivaled professional capacity, is likely to remain so for years to come.

Who is this product for?

The Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest was designed with professional woodworkers and metalworkers in mind. Those who do not make a living from their craft are unlikely to have the depth of arsenal required to stock the case and so should go with a smaller alternative. That being said, hobbyists who are particularly dedicated and hope to someday make a living from their art could conceivably purchase this tool chest and meet, or almost meet, its high capacity.

In many cases, it is not the capacity of the product which turns people off the Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest, but rather its price. Selling for close to $100, this definitely isn’t the right tool chest for those who must stock their workshop on a budget.

What’s included?

Given the fact that the Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest is higher priced than similar products, it is justifiable to wonder if the chest comes with any free tools, as many toolboxes and tool chests do. Unfortunately, it does not, which is certainly one of its more noteworthy drawbacks.

While we understand that this lack of additional accessories may be a source of frustration for some, if not all, potential Stanley customers, it is important to remember that the case itself is rich in features, as discussed in the section below.

Overview of features

The great selling point of the Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest is its “enormous capacity,” as the manufacturer describes it. With a total capacity of 50 gallons, this tool chest boasts a width of 20.47 inches, a height of 18.9 inches, and an almost staggering depth of 34.25 inches. Despite its large size, the 50-Gallon Mobile Chest can be transported from worksite to worksite with ease, thanks to its two heavy-duty wheels and retractable steel handle.

Unlike a surprising number of rival tool chests, the Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest features a sophisticated locking system controlled by an included set of keys, so you can be certain you and only you will have access to its contents.


To many, stocking a 50-gallon tool chest seems like an almost impossible task. If you’re considering purchasing the Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest but feel you would struggle to organize it in a manner that begets efficiency, we suggest watching the below tutorial.


Given Stanley’s history of excellence, it is entirely understandable that you would want to purchase your next tool chest from them, even if the brand’s 50-Gallon Mobile Chest does not fit your requirements. If your arsenal warrants something a little smaller but you don’t want to take your business to a different manufacturer, we suggest going with Stanley’s Mobile Work Center.

The Stanley Mobile Work Center sells for half the price of its 50-gallon alternative yet features an integrated extra-large toolbox and a handy storage bin. This chest can hold both power tools and more traditional models and rests on two heavy-duty wheels for easy transportation.

Its ergonomic body means it can be laid flat on the ground or placed in a standing position according to your needs and preferences. While the Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest was designed with professionals in mind, the brand’s Mobile Work Center is arguably best suited to hobbyists with a smaller budget and collection of tools.


When you’re a professional tradesperson, you can’t afford to make a mistake, whether you’re working on a project or choosing your next piece of equipment. The 50-Gallon Mobile Chest features the expert craftsmanship that Stanley has become famous for, and its flaws are few and far between, making it arguably the perfect tool chest for the carpenter looking to house the majority of their tools.

Its shock-absorbent exterior, combined with its compartmentalized interior, sophisticated locking system, and heavy-duty set of wheels, ensure all tools stored within it are protected and easy to transport. Whether you are a dedicated hobbyist looking to take your obsession one step further, or a professional who has seen a dozen tool chests come and go, purchasing the Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest is seldom a mistake.

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