Are Travel Cubes Worth It?

Are Travel Cubes Worth It
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Frequent fliers and travelers are always looking for new ways to cram their stuff into suitcases, reducing both the weight and the inevitable wrinkles.

Travel cubes are a relatively recent addition to the luggage storage market, promising to keep your clothes and toiletries perfectly packed until you reach your destination.

However, they add more weight and costs to your trip. Luggage has been around longer than travel cubes, so is the extra expense for perfect suitcase storage worth it? Let’s find out!

What Are Travel Cubes?

Travel cubes, also called packing cubes or suitcase cubes, are lightweight zippered containers made out of breathable fabrics such as nylon or polyester. They’re sewn in a cube shape with a zipper around the top three sides for easy access.

They come in a range of sizes for different items like shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and toiletries. Many travel cubes are sold in multi-color sets – one color for shirts, one for pants, and so on. You can also designate one per outfit. Despite their small size, these cubes hold quite a bit within them.

What are the Benefits of Travel Cubes?

These packing cubes were designed to fit snugly into rectangular suitcases, solving the most frequent clothing travel storage problems:

No Wrinkled Clothes

No Wrinkled Clothes

We store our clothing in rectangular spaces in our homes – in closets, drawers, and storage bins – so, it only makes sense that cubed packing containers will keep clothes freshly folded and wrinkle free.

No Bunched Clothes

Airline employees work hard, but it’s inevitable that your luggage is going to get jostled, bumped, thrown, and tossed during the typical flight, before being dumped on the baggage claim conveyor belt. That means your clothing jostles all around inside the suitcase. Socks mix with underwear, pants unwind, and shirts are bunched into a corner. Travel cubes keep your clothing separated.

Organize Crammed Luggage

Thanks to baggage fees, airline luggage restrictions, and suitcase weights, it’s not an easy skill to pack your luggage. Travel cubes separate your clothing and toiletries, provide space for packing, and can actually help you fit more items into the rectangular shapes. Even though the cubes are square, they also fit nicely into duffel bags and round suitcases, too.

Separates Dirty Laundry

You’ve got to have a designated spot for dirty laundry in your luggage! Travel cubes solve this problem by providing a sealed-off container that keeps your worn underwear from mixing with your date night outfit.

Easy In, Easy Out

Packing is much easier with these travel cubes. Just pull the cube out of the suitcase, and your pajamas are ready inside. You can also pull out multiple cubes without disrupting folded clothing. It’s also very easy to pack everything up at the end of your trip and saves time.

Kid Sizes

You can purchase kid-sized travel packing cubes for a family vacation. They are much smaller and brightly colored, so it’s easy and fun for kids to use them. Packing everything in one suitcase? Everyone can get their own travel cubes. Family travel is made much easier when children can pack, unpack, and re-pack their own luggage.

Long Lasting

Even frequent travelers have said their packing cubes have lasted several years. They’re surprisingly durable. If you used another packing method, that might not last as long.

Simple Organization

Travel cubes don’t need instruction manuals. They’re simple to use for anyone who travels, even for just a weekend away or a simple day trip. Put one in a diaper bag, in a car storage bin, or in the gym bag. They’ll organize any space you have, not just a suitcase.

Simple Organization

So, Why Wouldn’t You Buy Travel Cubes?

Those are the benefits, but there are some reasons why travel cubes wouldn’t be worth the price.

Ziploc Bags

Experienced packers have used Ziploc and other plastic self-sealing bags for years. These bags are inexpensive, transparent, and basically function as flatter travel cubes. They can also be labeled with colored markers, and they are excellent for dirty laundry, too.

No Compression

Travel cubes are made of squishy fabrics like nylon, but they don’t compress. Thus, travel cubes sometimes have wasted space of their own. Due to their simple design, they can’t connect to a machine that will automatically suck out the air and make them smaller.

Added Weight

For backpackers, campers, and long-term traveling, every ounce counts. Travel cubes add a small amount of weight, which might prove too much to carry.

Not for All Luggage Types

Travel cubes are square, so they’re not best for all luggage types. Rounded suitcases and duffel bags benefit from another version of packing storage.

Go Travel Far

For those who’ve used packing cubes before, it’s an excellent solution to travel woes. If you travel a lot, have a rectangular suitcase, and hate packing, then these will make traveling easier. But they’re not a completely essential item, so balance out what you’re looking for and happy packing!

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