How to Organize Wrenches in a Toolbox

How to Organize Wrenches in a Toolbox
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Wretches are hugely useful and versatile tools that you probably use a lot when carrying out DIY tasks. However, organizing them can be a pain, especially since it makes sense to have a few of them of differing sizes in your toolbox. Before you know it, they can be scattered all over the place and difficult to find when you most need them.

Finding the right sized wrench exactly when you need it makes many DIY jobs so much easier. So, how can you organize them to make life simpler for yourself in the future? There are a few different methods that you might like to consider.

Give Them Their Own Section That is Easy to Access

The frequency with which these tools are needed means that they should be in a spot that makes them easy to find every single time you look for them. For example, if you have a multi-level toolbox, they can go in the top level where access is quickest and easiest.

They should have their own section where you can keep them together in one place without getting them mixed up with other tools. It also makes sense to put them in order according to their size, to save time when you look for one.

Give Them Their Own Section That is Easy to Access

Use a Wrench Organizer Tray

There are a few ways of getting a tray to organize your wrenches in. One is to just make it yourself to the specifications that you need. This is fairly easy, as you just need to create a peg for each one and write the corresponding size next to it.

Another option is to buy a tray like this. If you choose this approach then just be sure to pick a tray that suits your needs perfectly. You can find some good models if you look around.

Use a Rail with Clips

As with the idea of using a tray, a wrench rail makes it easy to organize your tools effortlessly. This is simply a strip of metal or plastic with clips for each wrench on them.

If you like this option, it is a good idea to choose a model that gives you room to grow your collection in the future. This is the type of tool that you could end up owning in many different sizes over time.

Try a Magnetic Rail

You can also find magnetic rails for storing away your wrenches. The type of rail will stick to your toolbox and the wrenches will then attach to the rail without any fuss.

You can use a magnetic rail like this in a number of different ways. For instance, if your toolbox is crammed full of other tools then you can put it on the wall and hang the wrenches there. However, they are also useful for keeping your wrenches inside the toolbox too, if there is room for this.

Label Them

Putting labels on your wrenches might seem a touch unnecessary. Yet, by doing this you can save yourself some time when you look for a certain size.

By spending just a few minutes doing this you can make life that little bit easier when you get to work. In fact, adding labels to all of your tools that come in different sizes can be a worthwhile task.

Label Them

Put Them in Foam Liners

Lining your toolbox with foam sections gives you another simple way of looking after your tools. As well as separating them from each another, this has the added advantage of protecting them from damage.

This is another approach that means you either buy a pre-made foam insert or else make one yourself. If you buy some foam then it will be easy enough to cut out the shapes that you need to store away each wrench carefully.

Use Carabiners

Another handy tip is to use carabiners to keep your wrenches all together. This is an easy way of ensuring that they don’t get separated and end up being hard to track down.

Carabiners are an inexpensive type of shackle that are sold mainly as camping and outdoor gear. If you use just a couple of them you can easily group together a bunch of wrenches.

By looking after your wrenches in any of these ways you can keep your most important tools safe and easy to find. You will also find that it is a pleasure to simply reach into your toolbox and find the exact wrench that you are after with absolutely no hassle.

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