Shacke Pak 4 Set Review

Shacke Pak 4 Set Review
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Shacke Pak 4 Set: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Shacke Pak 4 Set

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What We Like

  • Good storage capacity
  • Reinforced X design
  • Double stitching

What We Don't Like

  • Double stitching

Trying to fit a vacation’s worth of clothes into a single piece of carry-on luggage without tearing its seams or exceeding the weight limit set by your airline is more than a little challenging. Or, more accurately, was more than a little challenging.

Many travelers are beginning to understand the usefulness of packing cubes produced by the likes of Shacke. But what exactly is a packing cube and is Shacke’s Pak 4 Set right for you?

Shacke Pak 4 Set Review

Shacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag (Gentlemen's Blue)

A packing cube is a small fabric container designed to hold large amounts of clothes and similar items that would otherwise take up the entirety of a suitcase. When a packing cube is full, it can easily be stashed inside your primary piece of luggage, its compact size leaving room for your other possessions or another packing cube containing a second collection of clothes.

Shacke is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of packing cubes and its Pak 4 Set is often cited by frequent travelers as the perfect combination of value and convenience.

Who is this product for?

Each packing cube included in this set is a different size, so you should certainly consider it if you are a frequent traveler and embark on numerous trips of varying lengths, each one requiring a different amount of clothing. If you are indeed a frequent traveler, you’ll no doubt appreciate the expert stitching seen on each of the four included Pak’s, which virtually guarantees your packing cubes will hold up for hundreds upon thousands of miles.

Now, it should be pointed out that the Shacke Pak 4 Set goes for close to $30, which makes it quite a bit more expensive than many rival packing cubes. If you don’t travel all that often or aren’t entirely convinced of the usefulness of packing cubes, perhaps you should search for a cheaper alternative.

What’s included?

Should you decide to go with the Shacke Pak 4 Set for your next trip, you can, obviously, expect to receive four of Shacke’s Pak packing cubes. You will also receive a branded laundry bag. This laundry bag will come in handy when separating your clean clothes from their less clean counterparts at the end of your trip.

Overview of features

While the Shacke Pak 4 Set is a little more expensive than many of its alternatives, it boasts a number of features that many Shacke Pak devotees argue more than justify its price. For example, each of the packing cubes included in this set features an X design with double stitching and a reinforced lid in order to prevent its material from tearing and/or its contents being crushed.

Although each packing cube comes in at a different size – extra-large, large, medium, and small – all promise a depth of 4 inches, leaving you with plenty of room to store your clothes and valuables. Although the Pak 4 Set is Shacke’s most popular collection of packing cubes, a 5 set is also available, which is comprised of four Medium cases and one Small option.


For many, the packing cube is a new piece of technology, which means it may prove a little difficult to master at first. If you’re having some trouble getting the hang of your Shacke Pak 4 Set – or any set of packing cubes, for that matter – we suggest watching the below video, in which you will see a step-by-step packing cube tutorial.


Shacke is great, but the high price of many of its products means its Pak packing cubes are not a possibility for everybody. If you are in the market for a quality set of packing cubes but would like to keep costs to a minimum, we suggest going with the Gonex Set of 3 Packing Cubes.

Gonex’s packing cubes offer many of the features promised by their Shacke Pak alternatives, but can be purchased in smaller number, which allows the consumer to save themselves a couple of dollars. The cases included in the Gonex Set of 3 Packing Cubes collection are available in multiple colors and boast, among other things, expandable nylon construction, dirt bearing coating, and a water-resistant finish.


If you don’t travel that often, you have no reason beyond personal desire to go with the Shacke Pak 4 Set over a less expensive collection of packing cubes. However, if you find yourself on a plane or on the road a couple of times a month, we strongly suggest giving your business to Shacke.

Shacke is an industry leader and its experience and expertise are both present in its Pak 4 Set collection of packing cubes. Each of the four cubes included in the set is deep, durable, and water resistant, so you can be certain your clothes will make it to your location in perfect condition.

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