YouCopia SpiceLiner Spice Rack Drawer Review

YouCopia SpiceLiner Spice Rack Drawer Review
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YouCopia SpiceLiner Spice Rack Drawer: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Easy to set up
  • Keeps jars in place
  • Can be trimmed to fit

What We Don't Like

  • May move in drawer
  • Gaps between bottles is wasted space

Are you often in a rush to prepare a 20-minute meal and you find yourself wasting 10 minutes just trying to find all your spices? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one out there.

Unless you have a lot of kitchen space, you might not always be able to keep everything at arm’s length. That being said, there is a solution that can bring things together without redecorating your kitchen.

This article will focus on one of the coolest spice organizers available today. The YouCopia SpiceLiner is one of the simplest kitchen tools you’ll ever have to install. And, to make things better, it can be a major time saver. Here’s what you have to look forward to.

YouCopia SpiceLiner Spice Rack Drawer Review

YouCopia SpiceLiner Spice Rack Drawer Organizer (Universal Fit 6-Pack ), 24-Bottle

YouCopia’s mission to organize simply and enjoy perfectly describes this spice liner. This drawer organizer might be what’s missing in your kitchen. It’s especially handy if you cook with spices from around the world and you don’t like wasting time searching for the perfect ingredients.

Who is this product for?

Whether you have a touch of OCD and you want all your spices alphabetized, or if you just have to have variety in the kitchen, the spice liner can make things easy for you. Apart from cooking aficionados, there’s another category of folks who enjoy this product.

If you don’t like getting your hands dirty while rearranging or redecorating, you’ll enjoy this flexible spice rack organizer. The easy installation and universal fit might just appeal to you more than the spice liner’s organizational strength.

What’s included?

The YouCopia SpiceLiner comes in a 6-pack. It includes six liners that will fit most standard kitchen drawers. Each liner measures 2.5” in width and 18” in length. Scissors and measuring tape that you might need to adjust the liners to your drawer are not included.

Overview of features

The obvious selling point and best feature of the YouCopia is the non-slip foam material. It allows you to arrange your spice bottles securely and it’s quite adaptable too.

You can use both square and round bottles with the spice liner. This is a major advantage considering that clip-on spice racks or traditional wired organizers don’t let you resize the actual compartment for the spice bottles.

Sure, you will still need to exercise good judgment when you’re taking out the spices and putting them back in. But that’s on you. When used right, the foam organizer can really help shave precious minutes off your time in the kitchen.

Another cool thing about it is that the foam is adjustable. You can cut it to fit any drawer and it takes seconds to set up. You won’t have to use any adhesive or worry about your bottles banging together when you open or close the drawer.

The one downside? As long as your drawer is closed, no one can enjoy your professional chef arrangement. Of course this is only a drawback if you care more about bragging rights than storage space.

How to use

Once you remove the liners from the packaging you can begin measuring your kitchen drawer of choice. To get the most out of the liner in terms of efficiency and aesthetics, try and use one of the top drawers. That way you have easy access and clear line of sight for yourself and also for when you wish to impress your guests with your collection.

If you need to reshape the liners, just use any pair of sharp scissors that you have lying around. Cut to size and place the liners in your drawer without leaving room between them. All you have to do after that is decide if you want to organize things alphabetically, geographically, by hotness – the choice is yours.

You don’t have to, nor should you use adhesive under the foam liners.


As previously stated, the YouCopia SpiceLiner is out of sight. If you’re looking for something that’s equally useful but a bit more out there you might be interested in a cabinet holder. Simple Houseware has such an alternative and it’s called the Spice Gripper.

This also comes with six strips but they install horizontally one on top of another, leaving enough space to clear the height of your spice bottles. You can adjust the strips depending on your cabinet door size. Although this method will give you even quicker access to your favorite spices, keep in mind that the Spice Gripper requires installation by using adhesive or screws.


The spice liner is just one of those products that make sense for those who lead a busy life. As much as anyone enjoys cooking and experimenting with flavors, no one likes wasting 10 minutes to find the Moroccan turmeric blend or the Southern mild chili mix.

Using a spice organizer is a good idea if you want to save time and stay on top of your stock. Although there are plenty of options out there, few are as easy to install and flexible as the YouCopia SpiceLiner.

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